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2020 is ON!

With Governor Wolf's declaration that the state is now in the yellow phase and youth summer camps can operate under strict guidelines, Free to Be Dreamers camp is set to open for our summer camp sessions July 6th, 2020! HURRAY!!!

We will be adhering to new CDC guidelines as well as best practices to keep our campers safe.  Attendance is limited to 21 campers daily.  We will group the children into 3 sections: 6 spots for campers ages 4-5 years; 15 campers split into 2 groups of ages 6 to 12 years old. Each group will stay together throughout the day and will not interact with the other groups.  Each group will work in one assigned room inside the facility and have as much outside time as possible (weather permitting). As new information is presented from the PA Dept of Health and the CDC, we may have to make additional changes to the procedures but please bare with us. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!

Camp health and safety policies and procedures:

  • To maintain the Lowest Risk possible: Small groups of campers will stay together all day, each day. Outdoor activities are prioritized. Each group will work in one assigned area with the same instructor each day.

  • Social Distancing:  Each group of campers will be required to practice social distancing. Campers will not share objects, art supplies, etc. We will make every effort to keep our campers on track to follow these rules.

  • Hand Washing:  All campers will be required to wash hands before entering the studio space.We will also have several hand sanitizing stations as well as incorporate new hygiene routines for all campers to abide by.

  • Food/Water:  All campers will bring their own lunches to camp.  Water cooler will only be accessed by the group helper and campers will be required to bring their own larger water bottles which can be refilled by the group helper daily. When eating, campers will be separated by 6 feet. Weather permitting, campers will eat outside.

  • Separate Storage Bins:  To prevent contamination by touch, each camper will have an assigned storage bin for their supplies as well as a designated "cubby" area for their belongings.

  • Masks: All campers will wear mask upon arrival at camp. Masks will be removed and placed in their bags upon entering the studio space.

  • Bathrooms: When campers need to use the restroom, all campers will be accompanied by a counselor who will take not more than 2 at a time (same sex) to the bathroom.

  • Cleaning: Doors will be open when safe and appropriate. Air cleaners will be used when necessary. Filters in the air conditioner will be changed once a week . Door jambs, door knobs, light switch, barre, benches/chairs, tables, tools, walkie-talkies, and phones will be wiped/washed down before each class. The studio will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

  • Drop Off: NO PARENT WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING AT ANY TIME. Campers will line up outside with social distancing. They will be greeted by camp staff and will have their temperature taken by touchless, infra-red thermometer by a designated staff member, in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations. Any person whose temperature reads 99.3 degrees or above will be asked to go home for the day. Once cleared, campers will be escorted to wash their hands, take items to their designated area in their designated room and wait socially distanced from other campers until their group leader begins the day. 

  • Pick Up: When parent arrives, a staff member will be outside to radio to staff inside for camper. Campers will sanitize their hands and put on their masks, then be escorted by camp staff outside their car. Please be ON TIME for pick up so that we can have a smooth transition to our late care procedures. If you are running late we ask that you alert us in a timely fashion via phone.

  • Staff: All staff will wear mask during drop off and pick up as well as when feasible for indoor activities. All staff will sanitize hands to greet campers outside and wash hands as soon as they enter the building.

  • Temperature Checks: All staff members will also be tested (daily) before they walk into the building. Any person whose temperature reads 99.3 degrees or above will be asked to go home for the day.  During the course of the day, should a camper or a staff member show any signs of increased temperature or show signs of illness, they will be quarantined from the rest of the campers/staff until they can be picked up.

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